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TODO 2007-09-28 Zeta
Ford F800 truck

Our 5 tonnes truck is compact, yet strong enough to reach difficult locations. It has especially been fitted with a hydraulic lift gate and power shelves for proficient production work. It carries always all tools and equipment that are needed at location shooting.

Distribution Box

1distribution box 110V/220V, 50A/30A/20A
1distribution box 110V/220V, 30A/20A
1power cable 00 (20m)
6distribution cable 220V/100A (30m)
2distribution cable 220V/50A (25m)
14distribution cable 220V/30A
16distribution cable 220V/20A
0distribution cable 110V/30A
30distribution cable 110V/20A

Our electrical distribution box was designed to offer maximum security. The cam-lock connectors employed make it impossible to misconfigure any connection. The color codes allow the crew to identify all elements at first glipmse.

Frames & Fabrics

16′ × 6′solid, silk, ¼ silk, grid cloth, lame silver, bluescreen, greenscreen
18′ × 8′solid, silk, china silk, artificial silk ¼, grid cloth, ultrabounce, lame gold, bluescreen/greenscreen
212′ × 12′solid, bleached muslin, silk, artificial silk, ¼ silk, lightbox diffusion, single scrim black, gryffolin, lame silver, bluescreen/greenscreen
120′ × 20′solid, silk, ¼ silk, bluescreen, greenscreen

In order to achieve a wide range of lighting conditions with minimal effort, the frames are equiped with all the most important fabrics, and are rented with the necessary stands.


1Super Wind-Up stand, Manfrotto (with braked wheels)
1MiniMax stand, MSE
1Minivator with wheels, MSE
4HiHi Roller
4large tripod
8standard tripod
2mini tripod
6baby tripod, MSE/Manfrotto
1cinema tripod, Manfrotto (with stabilizing foot)
29C-Stand standard
6C-Stand mini

We offer a full range of Hollywood, Century, and wind-up light stands and supports, with all the accessories such as grip-heads, long and short arms, single and double offsets.

Arms & Extensions

29long arm for C-Stand
6short arm for C-Stand
2simple extension (articulated), Manfrotto
1double extension (articulated), Manfrotto
2floor triangle with extension, Manfrotto
2offset junior
1offset junior
1double offset baby
2double offset junior
1Maxi Matthpole (99″ to 178″)


6Hollywood hanger (for 1″ tube)
2pump cup (5/8″ pin)
2drop ceiling scissor clamp (5/8″ pin)
2drop ceiling scrissor clamp (½″ pin)
2baby grid clamp (grips 1¼″)
2junior grid clamp (grips 1¼″)
6junior/baby adapter
1plate 6″ baby
2plate 4″ junior
6gaffer grip
2Mini Mathellini clamp 3″ MSE
12Mathellini clamp baby (3″, 4″ and 6″)
6mafer clamp
2locking plier baby
2furniture clamp 4″
2furniture clamp 6″
9pony clamp (several sizes)

Light Control

6reflector silver
1reflector gold
8diffusion frame (4″ × 4″)
6cucoloris (18″ × 24″ up to 48″ × 48″)
19solid flag (12″ × 18″ up to 48″ × 48″)
2solid floppy (48″ × 48″)
2silk flag (24″ × 30″ and 48″ × 48″)
8cutter (18″ × 24″ and 24″ × 36″)


4solid 4m × 4m
5applebox (set 5 pc)
1panina (set 4 pc)
1ladder, 10 rungs (3m)
1ladder, 6 rungs (1.8m)
1folding table
3shade large
4shade small
50sand bag (25 standard, 25 large)

Fog Machine

American DJ FogStorm 1700HD fog machine

American DJ FogStorm 1700HD

15 000ft³/min