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TODO 2007-09-28 Zeta

We are pleased to offer products for professional cinema, television, video and photo productions. As dealers of the Filmgear, MSE, Rosco, and Goyos brands, we provide you with lighting and grip equipment, and special effects. As always, our prices are very convenient.


Filmgear logo
  • HMI PAR and fresnel lights.
  • Electronic and magnetic HMI ballasts.
  • Tungsten fresnel lampheads.
  • Fluorescent 4-bank and 2-bank lights.
  • Spacelight Fluorescents.

Matthews Studio Equipment

MSE logo
  • Lighting stands. (Century, Hollywood, overhead, etc.)
  • Grip hardware.
  • Booms and arms.
  • Reflectors, scrims, cutters, and flags.
  • Frames, textiles, and fabrics.
  • Bags and boxes.
  • Camera support, dollies and tracks.


Rosco logo
  • Filters, gels, diffusion materials, and reflectors.
  • LitePad cold lights.
  • Lighting, animation, and projection special effects.
  • Smoke and fog machines.
  • Dimming equipment.
  • Stage floors, paints, hardware, etc.


Goyos logo
  • Hollywood and century stands.
  • Flags, frames, and fabrics.
  • Appleboxes, paninas, basso boxes, etc.
  • Clamps.
  • Doorway dollies.